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Drive Against Malaria (DAM) is planning a 6,000 mile road journey from the Sangha River, Bayanga to State House, Lusaka to celebrate the 9th anniversary of World Malaria Day in Zambia.

Founder of DAM, David Robertson will drive his 4x4 with Dr. Julia Samuel and deliver thousands of mosquito nets, test children and provide treatment along the way. They plan to set off in October from Yandoumbe, a small Biaka (Pygmy) village in the tropical rain forest of Central Africa. Robertson’s determination to fight malaria started after malaria nearly killed him during his first African expedition in 1988. David has since driven across 93 countries spanning Europe, the USA & almost all of Africa to highlight the threat of malaria and create the first anti malaria campaign of its kind. He founded DAM after his mother's passing in 1997 with the objective to bring world-wide attention to the biggest killer of children in Africa and creating a Guinness Book of Records feat, “World's Longest Journey” through 160 countries.

Robertson, who became severely disabled during a motor accident in 1977, will drive his specially adapted Land Rover through the Congo and Kalahari from Central African Republic to the Zambezi. This journey will cross 7 countries over 7 month. David and Julia they will use this expedition to inform worldwide media with local outlets of the latest developments and how to prevent transmission of malaria at night.

Robertson who has one arm and leg uses his handicap in the most positive way to help the poorest. He has been fighting malaria for 27 years and created global awareness in over 100 countries. He will drive from Central African Republic to Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, DRC, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, SA & Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi, ending in Zambia 25th April 2017.



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