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Julia Elisabeth Samuel was born in Eelde, in the North of Holland. She studied child psychology and journalism before producing films. She received the golden Camera Award in New York, The Silver Screen Award in Chicago and the Prix de Rome. In 1986 Julia became a presenter for Veronica, RTL FM, Yorin and presented over 500 television programs during a 21 year TV career, traveling to all corners of the world. For 5 years she presented a Dutch car program. While filming this series, Julia flew to Ghana, West Africa for a special about Land Rover Defenders working in the field. This is where she met Founder of Drive Against Malaria, David M C Robertson. Julia travelled in David’s Defender to help with his work to protect children from malaria and drove with him through 27 African countries. In the year 2000 Julia produced a 4-part documentary about David Robertson’s Drive Against Malaria called “Crossing Africa” for Veronica and RTL in The Netherlands. In 2005, Julia’s production company was commissioned by The World Health Organisation, Geneva to produce a 3 part documentary about Drive Against Malaria called “Challenge Africa.” This documentary was shown on Chanel 4 in the United Kingdom, July 2005. In 2007 Julia gave up her television career to dedicate 100% of her time to the Drive Against Malaria.
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