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In September of 1998, the Drive Against Malaria was launched from British Royal Navy vessel HMS Fearless by the First Sea Lord. This was David Robertson's one man mission to drive through as many countries as he could, creating the “Worlds Longest Journey.” The goal of this record breaking mission was to bring attention and raise money to fight Africa’s forgotten disease and the biggest killer of young children. David Robertson went on to drive through 27 European countries to show the importance of helping Africa’s poorest. Malaria causes extreme poverty, lost education, hospitalization and 3,000 young lives taken every day. He met Ambassadors, Lord Mayors, Secretes of State, Bishops, Prime Ministers, the press, radio with television. As he continued to drive from capital to capital.

David Robertson drove through a total of 27 European countries before shipping his Land Rover to South Africa where the African leg began in March, 1999. The African Drive was launched by Dr. David Nabarro of The World Health Origination’s Roll Back Malaria. The launch was at the MIM conference Durban before 800 scientists, Ministers of Health to 24 African Countries and the South African media. David Robertson then started driving though the southern African countries visiting hospitals, schools, health centers and holding press conference in each country.

The journey was both challenging and dangerous due to dreadful driving conditions, bandits, armed military, desert crossings and minefields, but this did not deter David Robertson’s mission with the Drive Against Malaria. In fact, it made him more determined than ever to fight malaria for the children of Africa.

In November 1999, David Robertson met Julia Samuel in Ghana while giving away nets to hospitals. Since that day, Julia Samuel has followed David to film every mile he drives, the children he meets and the life saving mosquito nets he gives away.

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