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British born David Robertson has traveled to the farthest extremes of six continents during the most demanding expeditions over the past 22 years. He has driven the length of Africa 4 times & driven from the Arctic Circle to Norway, Times Square to Red Square and crossed the largest desert on Earth numerous times. During these expeditions he found a consistent problem: malaria and deforestation. In 1998 David Robertson dedicated Trans World '98 –'03 “World’s Longest Journey” to fight malaria and called his expedition Drive Against Malaria. This expedition has covered 160,000 km through 63 countries and is the lkongest journey by a solo driver. With his companion, David lives with the tribes of the remotest corners of Africa to exchange knowledge and help them fight malaria. He has been held-up at gunpoint , contracted malaria 7 times and has driven over the most challenging + dangerous terrain to help the people help themselves. David's dream is to stop malaria in Africa by giving away free treatment with long lasting mosquto nets. David Robertson lost his right leg and right arm in 1977. Hit by a drunk driver and left on the side of the road, somehow David survived. His courage and determination have provided the will to not only live, but to live life to the fullest.
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